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We want to help you and your organization to change successfully so you too can keep up with answering to the current and future needs of your customers.

We offer professional hands-on support with a heart for your business. Thus with lots of enthusiasm and positivity┬á(as if it is our own company) ­čÖé

Consultancy / Coaching

We analyze your company in terms of vision/mission/strategy, sales, processes, organizational structure, HR and IT. Together we determine the highest priority pain points and their (real) causes. Here you will receive honest and objective feedback, ‘black coffee’, as we say. Next, during workshops, we search for pragmatic solutions and translate these into concrete actions that are laid down in a plan of approach. If you wish, we also assist you in its realization. We pay a lot of attention to the people in your organization. We coordinate their activities with each other and with those of you as manager. As a result, you form a well-oiled machine that works together on what really matters: to serve your customers as good as possible.



A business owner or manager can be so closely involved with his company that, in her/his enthusiasm and drive the overview gets lost. A fresh look from the outside, a sounding board, can do wonders. We view your challenges from an objective perspective, with a bird’s eye view and combine this with our knowledge and vision of the future. This way you will get a nicely balanced and future-oriented advice that allows you to make good strategic choices for your company.

Would you like to discover what we as Management Consultants / Coaches can do for your company? Please contact us for an introduction.