People-oriented leadership

We encourage, inspire, motivate and coach people so they can perform their job properly and develop themselves further. This allows us to bring out the best in every person and use that power to jointly achieve the objectives set.


“Treat people as if they are what they could be, and you help them to become what they could be.”

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Our Logo

When designing our logo we started from the Western representation of the famous Taijitu symbol (Yin and Yang).  This symbol stands for ‘being in balance‘, being able to adapt to changes in all circumstances.


The typical ‘S ‘ shape which ‘separates’ Yin from Yang refers to the continuity and dynamism of the balancing process. The form was widened a bit so it looks like a ‘road’, a ‘roadmap‘ to that what really matters: ‘The Content‘.


The Content‘ is represented by the ‘point‘ where to the roadmap leads. This point was deliberately placed outside the whole to visualize and stress the creativity and innovation, the ‘out of the box thinking and acting.

– Bart Lipkens